Student Testimonials

Jan is a top rated teacher on Google and Yelp!,-118.2992035,15z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x80c2b807d6f69d99:0x1728ff8084e849df!2sLos+Angeles+Guitar+Lessons!3b1!3m1!1s0x80c2b807d6f69d99:0x1728ff8084e849df

"Dear Jan,
Thank you for teaching me how to play the drums and the piano I enjoyed that now I can play at home"

-Briana, 7


"Jan is a great teacher he is patient, nice and funny. He is a great teacher because he never gets mad or upset with you if you get a string wrong and lets you do whatever you want. He is very flexible and lets you write songs."

-Antonio , 14


“Jan is a great teacher. I saw a lot of progress with him in a very short amount of time. During our guitar lessons he was friendly, patient and knows his stuff. It is great to have lessons in such a well equipped studio, and great to play along to live drums (he plays drums too...) during the lessons. He really emphasizes the need for practicing smart, and lessons help instil that logical process into your practice regime. Thanks for the help, and I'll be back next time I'm in LA! Highly Recommended!”

-Mark, 23 (from London, UK)


“Jan rocks. As a student who hadn't taken music lessons in almost 20 years, I didn't even know they made teachers like this! He is patient, kind, and makes learning FUN which is a must if you want people to stick to it. He also uses current media to encourage students, such as short videos for practice, and iphone apps connected to studio sound, which helps for drumming / beats / chordbot etc. I have taken guitar and 2 drum lessons with him. I recommend him to people of all ages. =)”

Soo, 26


"Mr Pauck,

I am writing this because it is teacher appreciation day and I'm writing it to you because you're most likely the best teacher that ever lived and the best guitarist that ever lived and thanks for all the songs you taught me in our guitar lessons."

-Eduardo, 12


"Jan has been a great instructor. I have taken lessons in the past and learned very little if anything at all. However, now I am actually learning... I am so amazed! He has a natural ability for teaching, and he is very encouraging. I can see that he loves teaching and loves people and that's why he is so effective as a guitar teacher"

– Wendy


"When I turned 25, I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar.  I have always loved music and work in the music industry and decided it would be a new, challenging & most of all rewarding hobby.  Jan was very knowledgeable and patient with me as I learned all about chords, rhythm, melodies & beats.  Week by week, we added new material and before I knew it I was playing songs by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Silversun Pickups, etc.  He emphasized that even if I couldn't play all the notes and chord changes in the songs, I could play some.  This was encouraging because instantly I was playing some of the notes and chords to my all time favorite songs. Every time I left lessons at Jan's, I felt a sense of accomplishment and was excited to practice what I learned in the lessons.   I would recommend Jan's guitar lessons to players of all levels."

- Stacey


"Jan is very patient, kind, and professional. My son loved his music lesson. Unfortunately he lives too far from us to continue. He's an out-standing instructor. We wish him the best!"
– Suzanne L.
"Dear Mr. Pauck,

Thank you for showing me the world of music and guitar. You have really changed my life. Happy national teacher day!"

-Sam, 13


"Dear Pauck,

I have always wanted to play the guitar. When you came you made that happen. I appreciate what you have taught me. "

-Jose, 14


"Jan has been great from day one. He takes things slow, and has met me on my level of music knowledge."

– Joey


"Dear Mr. Pauck,

I really enjoy your guitar class, I hope to be as good as you one day. Keep up the good work."

-Emilio, 13 


"I am currently a drum student of Jan's and I couldn't be happier. He is a really great teacher. He obviously cares a lot about what he does and he is very good at understanding what each student needs individually to keep moving forward at a pace that is right for the student. He strikes an excellent balance between keeping the fun part of music alive (playing music!) and making sure that you receive solid technique instruction as well. He is super excellent at helping you understand how the things you are learning will build together over time (this helps a lot when some things are frustrating to make your body and mind do at first). You do have to do some exercises, but his focus is all related to working towards having fun and playing music. If you're a drum student, even as you're getting your first beats down he plays guitar with you right away (the first lesson in my case). It's really terrific to get a feeling for what it's like to play with other people from the very beginning. I can be self conscious about doing things around other people before I feel like I know what I'm doing. Playing with him right from the beginning helped me toss that aside without it taking hold of me this time, because, well, it's pretty darn fun to be completely honest. If you take lessons from Jan I am pretty sure you will feel very fortunate, as I do, to have found such talented and supportive instructor."